FMU Export

DSHplus generates co-simulation stand alone and co-simulation tool FMUs for Windows, Linux, and macOS. The FMUs comply with revision 2.0 of the FMI standard and can be distributed free of charge.

DSHplus co-simulation stand alone FMUs are available for:

  • Windows 32 bit
  • Windows 64 bit
  • Linux 64 bit
  • macOS 64 bit

DSHplus co-simulation tool FMUs are available for:

  • Windows 32 bit
  • Windows 64 bit

Additional information

DSHplus includes model, parameter and lookup-table files as well as target specific pre-compiled binaries (solver, parameter handling, etc.) into the FMUs zip archive. Optionally also the DSHplus model, from which the FMU is generated, can be added to the FMU. For Windows based systems the FMUs are compiled ready to use. The FMU’s user requires a free runtime license, that FLUIDON provides free of charge on request.

For Linux and macOS targets, the FMU needs to be compiled on the target system. The DSHplus-FMU export generates all necessary build scripts.

Depending on the chosen co-simulation scenario and the ability of the importing FMI master DSHplus-FMUs provide additional functionality:

  • Model parameter of a DSHplus-FMU can be changed prior of the simulation run.
  • A DSHplus-FMU can by solved either by a fixed step or a variable step size solver. The wrapper of the DSHplus-FMU takes care about the time synchronization of the slave FMU with the next macro time step of the master.
  • In a so-called Gauss-Seidel co-simulation scheme the program with the lager time step size acts as the master. The models run in a sequential order, whereby the master’s input values are interpolated to be used for the slave’s inputs. The wrapper of the DSHplus-FMU automatically takes care about the required data interpolation.