Micro Components

The DSHplus Micro Component Library is a collection of fundamental hydraulic and pneumatic elements to design components like valves and cylinders graphically in an easy and flexible way. The library comprises various metering edge elements, hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatic force elements, such as static pressure elements, springs and detents and resistive elements.

The library also provides auxiliary elements such as internal leakage, bore, limiting elements like mechanical stop and mechanical push elements.

With only these few functional elements a large variety of hydraulic and pneumatic components, such as control valves, pressure valves, check valves and cylinders can be designed in many different configurations.

Since each micro component element has its own specific equations, different internal values can be monitored by means of sensor outputs to display the internal state of the component. For a valve seat for example the fluid flow through the seat is virtually measured, by connecting the flow's sensor output with a signal node. The flow value is then displayed in an online graphic diagram during the simulation run. For a hydraulic force or a mechanical stop, the generated forces can be displayed and from the mass element the stroke, the velocity and the resulting force on the spool are provided.

As a result it is possible to model hydraulic components at a very high level of detail and to monitor the dynamic performance of such devices. Through a variation of geometrical design parameters in the virtual model it is possible to improve and to optimize the behavior of the new component prior to the manufacturing of real hardware prototypes.

Subsequent to its modeling and validation the entire micro component assembly can be saved as submodel and reused in a DSHplus system simulation model.