The DSHplus Pneumatic Library comprises a complete set of pneumatic components to design and analyse a multitude of systems. The library was developed in association with the Institute of Fluid Power Drives and Controls (IFAS) of the RWTH Aachen University, an internationally recognized fluid power research center.

The Library is dedicated to support the design of complex pneumatic systems and to study their static and dynamic behavior. As with the DSHplus Hydraulic Library the calculation of pneumatic systems is based on numerically solving the differential equations for the pressure gradients.

For today's applications the simulation of pneumatic systems focusses primarily on two fields: automation technology and the undercarriages of cars, utility vehicles and trains. There, air suspensions are typical pneumatic systems, which allow for analysis by simulation. Further on a combination with DSHplus-STC and a multi-body simulation program provides vehicle models, which allow for a detailed study of comfort and driving dynamics. Other classical fields of applications for the DSHplus Pneumatic Library are mechatronic systems in the packaging and handling industry.