Modeling & Simulation

For the design of modern drive systems, machines and plants, complex interactions of all subsystems must be taken into account. This is because the interaction of drives, controllers and transmitting components must be coordinated both energetically and dynamically. Fluid power and mechatronic systems in particular are virtually unparalleled in their complexity: More components, more complex geometries, nonlinear behavior, different physical requirements and the abstraction of real components and groups into simulation models present engineers with major, technical challenges. With our simulation software DSHplus, we are in demand as an engineering service provider for the precise analysis of dynamic systems.

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Help in designing the dynamics of drive components and systems

When new types of drive systems are developed, the individual components must be modeled with varying levels of detail to match the requirements in order to effectively optimize the overall system. This task usually raises many challenging engineering questions, which we answer for you and with you using our DSHplus simulation software, our engineering experience and our expertise.

Examples of our engineering services

  • Energy-efficient, low-vibration design
  • Reduction of water hammer in tank lines
  • Dimensioning of valves for hydraulic axis drives
  • Hydraulic drive of rivet tools
  • Design of shock valvesSimModell.png

Support in the development and modification of simulation models

The quality of the simulation results stands and falls with the quality of the available parameters and the underlying calculation model. With our expertise in modeling and simulation, you can concentrate on your actual engineering tasks: We specify your requirements together, abstract the real components, develop the model for you from this (including determination on the test bench or estimation of missing parameters) or modify your existing model.

Examples for application areas of our development services

  • Air suspension systems including all components
  • Controlled clutch actuation systems
  • Press hydraulics with auxiliary drives
  • Flight hydraulics with complete line systems
  • Detailed valve models
  • Pump actuation systems
  • Oil supply of base and connecting rod bearings in crankshafts
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