Fluidon Cube is an innovative SaaS development platform for all areas of digital engineering. The application spectrum of Cube includes the creation of workflows for simulation-based system analysis and optimization, the automated processing of simulation results or measurement data including appealing reporting. The coupling of real-time capable digital twins with control hardware using common fieldbus technologies also opens up new possibilities for function and control development as well as for virtual commissioning.

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The DSHplus simulation environment is used for the dynamic, non-linear calculation of complex fluid-power-mechatronic systems. DSHplus is used for concept analysis, system revision, component selection and design, fault diagnosis, functional validation and training purposes. DSHplus offers extensive options for result analysis and automation of the simulation, supports the Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI) for connection to external CAE tools across applications and, with a PLC interface, has various options for control connection, SiL and HiL, for the virtual commissioning of machines and systems.

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The RaLa (low-reflection line terminator) is a test element frequently used by FLUIDON to measure and characterise the pressure pulsations generated by hydraulic displacement pumps and hydraulic motors.

To identify the causes of undesirable effects in hydraulic systems, such as pressure and volume pressure pulsations, FLUIDON offers a selection of fluid power-specific measuring devices.

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