DSHplus - Our tool for the dynamic simulation of fluid power systems

DSHplus is a simulation environment specialised on the dynamic non-linear calculation of complex hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components. In particular DSHplus is used for verification of system function, for analysis of the system dynamics, for system revisions, for component selection and design, for troubleshooting and for training purposes.

Simulation, analysis and optimisation of fluid power systems

For the analysis and optimisation of a fluid power system or component, DSHplus offers the user a specialised CAE solution. Many libraries  are available for the realistic depiction of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. To automate the simulation, DSHplus provides various pre- and post-processing modules.

DSHplus also has numerous interfaces and add-ins to integrate with almost any development environment. Open technology standards such as FMI or DSHplus-STC guarantee a cross-application access to external simulation programs, e.g. via co-simulation. For the virtual commissioning of plant and machinery, DSHplus-PLCI allows communication with PLC controllers.

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