Cavitation effects and their negative impact on the performance of hydraulic systems

The recording of the successful webinar "Simulation of cavitating flows and gas bubble transport" is now available online.
Obviously we hit a nerve with our last webinar. Many developers are struggling with the cavitation that occurs in piping systems and its negative effects on the performance of hydraulic systems.
Due to the ongoing discussion and the strong interest in this topic we have now put the recording of the complete webinar online.

There, the viewer learns in a total of four videos how cavitation-prone hydraulic systems are simulated with DSHplus. All relevant steps from model construction to result analysis are explained:

- What types of cavitation can be distinguished and how are they modeled?
- How is the transport of gas bubbles modeled?
- Which fluid properties must be known in order to perform cavitation calculations?
- How are cavitation-endangered hydraulic systems simulated with DSHplus? The webinar covers the relevant steps from model set-up to result analysis.
- What conclusions can be drawn from the simulation results?