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We support developers in the design, analysis and optimization of their fluid technology and mechatronic systems.

We take unconventional paths to find solutions. We answer your questions as precisely as necessary and as simply as possible.

Decades of experience in a holistic system approach, agile work in small teams and excellent communication enable us to respond quickly to challenges and guarantee competitive customer solutions.

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We combine passion and expertise in fluid technology with theoretical support through DSHplus and Fluidon Cube for system analyses and practical work through specialized test benches for measurements to realize ideas and solve problems. This makes us a leading provider of model-based development and simulative pressure oscillation analysis of fluid technology systems.

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Support in the planning, analysis and optimization of mechatronic systems
The Cube SaaS development environment

Fluidon Cube - The Virtual Engineering Lab

SaaS platform for efficient digital engineering. With Cube, for example, you can create workflows for simulative function validation or automated measurement analysis, including presentation of results in attractive reports. The connection of digital twins with control hardware enables new functions and virtual commissioning.

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User-friendly solution for dynamic, nonlinear calculations of complex hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Use DSHplus for concept analysis, system revision, component selection, troubleshooting, functional validation and for training purposes.

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0D/1D System Simulation with DSHplus
Fluid technology-specific measuring equipment

Low-Reflection Line Terminator (RaLa)

The RaLa is our preferred test element for measuring and characterizing pressure pulsations generated by hydraulic displacement pumps and motors.

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Understanding interactions Part III – Dynamic Load Cases in the Piping System