New DSHplus Version 3.13

Exported DSHplus models can be run on all platforms without a licence. On 12 November, the new version 3.13 of the DSHplus simulation environment was released.
This new release focuses on innovations with regard to the runnability of exported DSHplus models, numerical stability, and the integration of nested FMUs (Functional Mock-up Units) into the VEL (Virtual Engineering Lab) real-time system.

"We are pleased to make the new release 3.13 of DSHplus now available to our customers," says Oliver Breuer, Head of Software Engineering at FLUIDON GmbH. "The barrier-free runnability of DSHplus models on other platforms and their integrability without additional costs holds great potential, especially for interdisciplinary engineering projects. We have again increased the numerical stability enabling users to calculate multi-layered models without interference. In this way, we prevent complex solution approaches from being narrowed down at an early stage. It is important to us to support the genius of the developer in the best possible way."

Runnability of exported DSHplus models

DSHplus models exported as FMU are now executable on all platforms Win32, Win64, Linux, macOS – without DSHplus licence. When passing on and re-using the models in other simulation environments, no additional DSHplus licence fees are incurred.

Numerical stability

The numerical stability of DSHplus models has been fine-tuned and further increased. Complex models, in particular, benefit from the now more robust solver.

Integration of nested FMUs into the VEL Real-time System

It is now possible to address and manage conveniently the direct integration of nested FMUs into the VEL real-time system.

The new release DSHplus 3.13 can now be downloaded from the download area of the FLUIDON website.
It is of interest for users to read the release notes before downloading.