Low-Reflection Line Terminator

A test element frequently used by FLUIDON is the low-reflection line terminator (called RaLa). The RaLa is used to measure pressure pulsations generated by pumps and hydraulic motors, for example. FLUIDON builds RaLas adapted to pressure and volume flow for its own applications as well as for customer orders.

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In installed systems, the pressure pulsations generated by a pump are affected by reflections in the connected pipeline network, so that the temporal and spatial course of the pressure pulsations is specific to the respective installation situation. In order to be able to evaluate the pulsation behaviour of a pump as generally and independently of the installation situation as possible, it is therefore necessary to eliminate the influence of the connected system on the temporal pressure course. The RaLa can be adapted to the impedance of the pipeline in such a way that a reflection-free condition in the pipeline can be achieved.

RaLa-Pruefvorrichtung_Filter Blau 10.png


In industrial pumps, pulsations on the high pressure side are often of interest, as they excite the system and can lead to undesired vibrations. For this application RaLas are used, which are pressure resistant up to 400 bar, in special design also up to 2.000 bar. The nominal volume flows are between a few litres per minute and 300 l/min.

In the automotive sector, however, pulsations on the suction side are also a focus of attention, since noise development or structural vibrations can occur when the supply lines to the pump are excited. The design of these RaLas is adapted to the special requirements of low-pressure operation. The pressure resistance is given up to 100 bar.

For both applications, FLUIDON builds RaLas adapted to pressure and volume flow both for its own applications and for customer orders.

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