Optimize Your Control Strategies With the Virtual Engineering Lab (VEL)

Free webinar | June 24, 2021 | 10:00 am EDT | Duration: 30 minutes
In this webinar, we will show you how to optimize your control strategies with the Virtual Engineering Lab (VEL). The webinar is part of the "Simulate & Optimize Manufacturing Processes" event series from our partner Altair.

Simulation-based digital twins produce accurate representations of the machine’s behavior and performance. Those digital twins - e.g. created with Altair Activate or DSHplus - can be used for validation of control code if they can be calculated and visualized in real-time. Fluidon’s virtual engineering lab (VEL) implements digital twins via functional mock-up interface, calculates and visualizes them in real-time and connects to any controller hardware used for control code development. By linking digital twins with the control code, the VEL contributes to a holistic system understanding. This webinar uses the example of an excavator to show how a simulation-based digital twin can be created and implemented in the VEL. Then in the next step the control algorithm for a bucket grading operation is developed and tested – all before the excavator goes into service.

Presenter: Dr. Torsten Verkoyen | Managing Partner, Fluidon