The VEL-HiL setup is the part of the Virtual Engineering Lab that physically connects the digital twin to the outside world. The wide range of available EtherCAT I/O terminals and fieldbus gateways enables flexible, application-specific configuration of the VEL-HiL setup.

In the course of an engineering project, FLUIDON procures the terminal hardware for the customer and configures it for coupling to the customer's control system (ECU, PLC, ...).

After an introductory training, the customer is able to use the Virtual Engineering Lab for independent development work after project completion.

Application examples for the HiL setup

Control development

  • Development and testing of the program logic
  • Application engineers can validate the code against a "physical" behaviour of the virtual machine
  • Interference effects (shaking, delay, overshoot, ...) can be eliminated by a correct control strategy
  • Machine-related errors that cannot be corrected by software are detected early enough

Real-time 3D visualisation

  • Direct visual feedback of system behaviour
  • Simplifies the didactic communication of facts and figures
  • Further use for marketing purposes possible

Human-machine interface (HMI)

  • Can be connected like a controller due to the VEL's flexible interface
  • Allows direct interaction with the virtual machine
  • Machine operators can evaluate the machine
  • Training of machine operators without physical access to the real machine

VR goggles

  • Significantly improved user experience when operating the virtual machine
  • Intuitive operation and more direct feedback for evaluating machine behaviour