Automated simulative function validation

FLUIDON will enable you to automatically simulate the function of your fluid power system - without having to invest in expensive simulation software yourself. Whether it is a modification of an existing system or a new development, as a service provider we create the simulation model of your system for you. We then use Cube, our scalable SaaS platform, and integrate your simulation model into a ready-to-use design workflow. With our flexible cube rental model, you have access to your workflow from anywhere at any time. If the boundary conditions or the system layout change, we will be happy to adapt the simulation model to your new requirements. Trust FLUIDON as a reliable partner for the simulative functional validation of your system.

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Why cube workflows for functional validation?

If the customer requests modifications to a hydraulic system, a new product generation is planned or a previously used component is not available, a simulative functional validation of the changes to the system is often not carried out. This is usually explained by the fact that the new system is only a minor modification or further development of a proven predecessor system for which extensive positive practical experience is available.

Practical experience shows that this is grossly negligent. Simply scaling the components or even "just" changing the pipe routing as requested by the customer poses considerable risks in terms of the dynamic behaviour of the fluid power system. This is because the operating point of the components shifts when the size changes. However, it must be taken into account that the behaviour of many fluid technology components changes non-linearly. A new arrangement of the components or modification of the pipework also changes the dynamic interactions between the components. Both effects can only be taken into account insufficiently or not at all by quasi-static calculation.

A cube workflow specially created for the simulative testing of system modifications is the method of choice here. The simulation ensures that the newly configured system still meets the customer's technical constraints and requirements.

How does a cube workflow support simulative functional validation?

Once the data has been transferred, the cube workflow takes over all the necessary work with the simulation model for you. Following the calculation, the Cube workflow transfers the results directly into meaningful graphics and tables and summarises them in a report.

Who is a parameterisable cube workflow suitable for?

  • The cube workflow is suitable for companies that want to support their development department or sales department with an easy-to-use tool for upfront planning
  • The cube workflow is aimed at companies with a portfolio of configurable systems whose dynamic behaviour changes depending on the selected configuration
  • The cube workflow is also suitable for companies whose developers have a basic understanding of fluid technology but lack the time and/or detailed knowledge to set up a simulation model
  • The cube workflow is also a suitable solution for companies without an in-house simulation department that want to give their developers access to modern simulation techniques
  • The cube workflow is also ideal for companies that only occasionally require simulation-based functional validation or do not want to invest in costly software licences for simulations

Our services:

  • Methodical support with model design
  • Customised data input, e.g. via an Excel workbook
  • Customised presentation of results and automatic report generation
  • Workflow set-up and user training
  • Provision of the Cube workflow as a SaaS application with a flexible rental model

Conclusion: Successful functional validation with FLUIDON Cube simulation workflows

Although simulation requires more time and resources, it ultimately saves time and money. This is because a more precise system design can avoid potential problems that would later require expensive modifications.

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