Automated analysis of measurements

FLUIDON creates customised analysis workflows for you that are precisely tailored to your measurement data - without you having to invest in expensive analysis software yourself. As a service provider, we create customised analysis and reporting processes based on open source Python scripts. We then use Cube, our scalable SaaS platform, to provide you with your analysis workflows ready for use. With our flexible Cube rental model, you have access to your solutions from anywhere at any time. If required, we can adapt and expand your data analysis workflows. Trust FLUIDON as a reliable partner for your data analysis and evaluation.

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Why a cube workflow for data analysis?

When components and systems are tested on test benches, measurement data is generated that needs to be consolidated, analysed and summarised in result reports. In this context, what developer wouldn't want the results of their tests to be processed automatically as soon as they have been recorded? By freeing the developer from this routine work, he can concentrate better on his main task, the interpretation of the results. 

Even the automation of selected evaluation steps generates considerable added value in this context, which subsequently increases productivity, raises developer satisfaction and ultimately improves the quality of the results. A cube workflow customised to the evaluation task is the method of choice here to prepare measurement data automatically and quickly!

Of course, the implementation of automated data analysis is not economical for every test evaluation. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consider the benefits of automated measurement data evaluation with a cube workflow, especially if comprehensive calculation and analysis processes are required to gain the necessary insights. Contact us to find out more about our offer for automated measurement data evaluation.

Who is a cube workflow for analysing measurement data suitable for?

A cube workflow that automatically analyses measurement data, summarises it into meaningful results and presents them in a comprehensible way is ideal for developers who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Repetitive tasks in measurement data processing
  • Need for extensive pre-processing of measurement data, including filtering and order analysis
  • Complex calculations with many measurement channels in the time and/or frequency domain
  • Interest in a rental model, as complex measurement data analysis is only occasionally required
  • Lack of human resources for the preparation and implementation of measurement data analysis
  • Avoidance of high costs for expensive software licences for measurement data analysis

Our services:

  • Methodical support in the conceptualisation of measurement data analysis
  • Creation of customer-specific evaluation functions and result visualisations
  • Development of the workflow including automatic reporting
  • Provision of the cube workflow as a SaaS application with a flexible rental model

Conclusion: Efficient measurement data analysis with FLUIDON Cube workflows

Save time, resources and increase the efficiency of your measurement data processing with our customised cube workflows.

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