Automated analysis of measurements

Overcome challenges in analyzing large amounts of measurement data with ease with our solution: Automated Measurement Data Analysis.

Processing and analyzing large amounts of measurement data can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. At FLUIDON, we have the solution for you. Our customized cube workflows enable automated and fast evaluation of your measurement data, so you can fully concentrate on development.

Why Cube workflows for measurement data analysis?

  • Efficient integration of data from different sources into the workflow via Cube Data Import Tasks
  • Accurate data consolidation - correct, consistent and complete - thanks to Cube Pre-Processing Tasks
  • Fast data processing and calculations through our scalable, high-performance infrastructure
  • Flexible customizable analysis and result presentation - the Cube workflow uses free Python libraries to extract and graphically display relevant measurement data.
  • Results presentation in user-friendly formats such as PowerPoint or Excel, for effortless use and communication of results.

For whom suits a Cube workflow for measurement data analysis?

Our Cube workflow is the optimal choice for companies with recurring measurement data processing tasks and limited staff. It is ideal for those who require extensive pre-processing steps, need to perform complex calculations with many measurement channels, want flexibility in evaluation, and want to avoid expensive software licenses.

Our services:

  • Methodical support in the conception of measurement data evaluation
  • Creation of customer-specific analysis functions
  • Setup of the workflow including automatic reporting
  • Provision of the Cube workflow as a SaaS application with a flexible rental model

Conclusion: Efficient measurement data analysis with Fluidon Cube workflows

Save time, resources and increase the efficiency of your measurement data processing with our individual cube workflows.

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