Functional Testing and Verification of Bridge Hydraulics


A hydraulic bascule bridge is a safety-critical application and must be subjected to a functional test before it is put into operation.


  • Hydraulic lift bridges must open and close reliably under a wide range of environmental conditions.
  • An emergency stop must be possible at any time.
  • All parts of the design - steel structures, hydraulics, controls, etc. - must be checked for function, durability and safety.


Verification of safe operation of hydraulic lifting bridges with consideration of different load cases.


  • Modelling of the hydraulic actuators according to the circuit diagram
  • Modelling of the mechanics of the bridge flap
  • Modelling of the different types of load (wind, snow, etc.)
  • Actuation according to desired motion profiles
  • Simulation of the load cases for different lifting cycles
  • Checking the bridge's operating limits
  • Checking for hydraulic vibrations

Detailed Information

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Engineering Project

Functional testing of the "Rethe" bridge in Hamburg (PDF)

Blog Post

Simulation ensures operation of hydraulic bridges (PDF)

Conference Presentation

EATC-2017.pngValidation of operation of a hydraulic bascule bridge (PDF)

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