Energy-efficient Luffing Gear Hydraulics for Mobile Harbour Cranes


Automatically operated hydraulic luffing jibs of mobile harbour cranes consume large amounts of fuel.


  • Due to the high handling capacity of luffing gear hydraulics, high dynamic forces act during the boom movement.
  • The luffing gear hydraulic system is the main energy consumer of the mobile harbour crane.
  • Changes to this system are often time-consuming and cost-intensive, checking of changes is typically based on performing new  measurements on the actual system.


To increase energetic efficiency and reduce fuel consumption of mobile harbour cranes.


  • Development of a new hydraulic system for the luffing cylinder to reduce energy consumption
  • Investigation of the requirements on the components for a typical load cycle
  • Comparison of the new hydraulic system with a simulation model of the previous hydraulic system in terms of energy efficiency


  • Derivation of the kinematic and dynamic relations for the calculation of the force acting on the cylinder
  • Development of control strategies
  • Incorporation of a representative load cycle into both simulation models
  • Evaluation of component requirements
  • Comparison of energy efficiency

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Energieeffiziente Wippwerkshydraulik bei Hafenmobilkranen

Customer Project

konecranes.pngEnergy-efficient luffing gear hydraulics of mobile harbour cranes (PDF)

User Presentation

Terex-logo.svg.pngSimulation-based identification of optimisation potential in the hydraulics of mobile harbour cranes (PDF)

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