Basic System Industry 4.0 - An Open Platform for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Today, manufacturing systems are designed for mass production of identical goods. Although manufacturing systems often have a certain flexibility, they are not completely changeable. Instead, changes are associated with high costs. Changeable production, on the other hand, allows manufacturers to respond more quickly to changing demand and to produce small batches efficiently.

With BaSys 4, a basic system for production plants was developed that realizes the efficient changeability of a production process as central challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.

As part of the BaSys 4.0 project, the open-source middleware Eclipse BaSyx was constructed, which allows a reference implementation of the BaSys 4 concepts. The aim was to network and integrate existing technologies in such a way that Industrie 4.0 applications can be realized, allowing the necessary services to be provided and linked together.

The follow-up project BaSys 4.2 builds on these successes and further develops the basic system.


BaSys4FluidSim - Development of an Industrie 4.0-capable simulation framework for integrated and continuous engineering

BaSys4FluidSim aims to improve the Industrie 4.0-compliant design of fluid power systems. However, the specific characteristics of the fluid power industry must be taken into account, where most of the know-how, detailed models, data and parameters are usually found at the component manufacturers.

The goal of BaSys4FluidSim is to apply and further develop the concepts pursued in BaSys in such a way that the interoperable availability, the digital integration capability and the consistency of PLM data for component-based fluid engineering simulation models are significantly increased.

In BaSys4FluidSim, a SimI4Komp is introduced for this purpose, whose SimAsset has interfaces with defined characteristics on the outside. The interior of the SimAsset is not further defined and is realized as a Functional Mock-up Unit (FMU). The services defined in the Administration Shell (AAS) of SimI4Komp are used on the one hand to access and interact with the underlying SimAssets and on the other hand to interact with the AAS of real components (type or instance). Interaction takes place via the interoperable feature or service endpoints of the AASs. These are implemented with one of the BaSyx SDKs.

The objectives of the project will be validated using the example of a servo-hydraulic press from Parker (associated partner). The concrete implementation of all relevant aspects (AAS & partial models, registry & discovery) and their validation on a practical demonstrator will create a blueprint for future applications of BaSys concepts in industry.