Development of High-Performance Wheel Loader Steering Systems


Operation-optimised steering system for wheel loaders


  • Loading and transport of high payloads over short distances
  • Utility and possible applications are determined by the design principle, especially of the steering system
  • Different steering types such as rear wheel, four-wheel, stereo, differential and articulated steering


Efficient steering system for optimised trajectories, precise positioning and safe travel


Analysis of the dynamics of different steering systems of wheel loaders


  • Modelling of different steering concepts
  • Simulation of selected components taking into account their characteristics
  • Modelling of the steering units: Displacement volume of the metering unit, opening characteristics of the metering edges, torsional spring stiffness, maximum stroke and thread pitch
  • Model analysis and comparison of the steering behaviour of different steering designs

Detailed Information

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Image courtesy of Emslichter on Pixabay

Engineering Project

Investigations on the steering dynamics of wheel loaders (PDF)

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