Try the release of DSHplus 3.10

Users can now benefit from a new fluid property handling and many more enhancements in DSHplus 3.10
Aachen, Germany, September 10, 2019 - FLUIDON GmbH, the experienced service provider for simulation and analysis of fluid power and mechatronic systems, announced today the release of the new version 3.10 of its simulation environment DSHplus. Starting today, DSHplus users with a valid maintenance contract will automatically receive new license keys. The new version will also be available for download on the FLUIDON web page.

New fluid property handling in DSHplus 3.10
With the new version FLUIDON introduces a new fluid property handling that allows users – in contrast to past versions – to include their own fluid property descriptions. In addition, the Bunsen coefficient (a measure of the gas dissolving capacity of a liquid) and the vapour pressure curve have been added as new material properties. With knowledge of the vapour pressure and the Bunsen coefficient, the pressure-dependent growth and transport of vapour and/or gas bubbles in liquid-filled pipe systems can be considered.

Improved simulation of gas and steam cavitation in pressure oscillation investigations
In particular, the simulation of pressure oscillation and water hammer problems benefits from the improved modelling, as – depending on the pressure level – the occurrence of gas and/or steam cavitation is to be expected. The correspondingly extended DSHplus pipe models have been validated based on published reference experiments. Also, the tried and tested models of DSHplus can now take the mechanical effects of water hammer or pressure pulsations on piping components into account by enabling the consideration of fluid-structure interaction (FSI library) during a 1D hydraulic simulation.

FMI 2.0 standard to replace DSHplus-STC for simulation tool coupling
In addition, the new version introduces the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) 2.0 standard, replacing the former DSHplus-STC (Simulation-Tool-Chain) for simulation tool coupling. The Functional Mockup Interface is a tool independent standard for coupled simulations and supports model exchange as well as co-simulation.